Svalbard archipelago:

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Svalbard archipelago

The Svalbard archipelago is one of the highest latitude areas of Earth. It is located in the Arctic Ocean at almost equal distance from the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, Greenland, the north of mainland Norway and the North Pole. It is in the center between them.

Where is the Svalbard archipelago

About the Svalbard archipelago

Warm Arctic

The western shores of the Svalbard archipelago are washed by a branch of the warm Gulf Stream, which is why the temperature in the archipelago is higher than in similar areas in the same latitudes: the average summer temperature is +6 degrees, winter - 15 degrees.

In the footsteps of researchers

The archipelago keeps many traces of the rich history of its exploration and development since the 16th century. The features of landscape and wildlife make it more attractive for research nowadays. These days, there are a lot of research stations of different countries on the archipelago.

Existing and derelict buildings

The population of mining towns used to reach 2,000 people, due to what here have been fully remained the most various historical sites, such as mines, one of which has been operating until today.
Here, there are miscellaneous workshops, warehouses, port complexes, a heating plant, a power station and a radio communication station.

Midnight sun and polar night

Here, the midnight sun and the polar night are expressed sharply, 120 days per year the sun does not dip below the horizon and 127 days per year are spent in utter darkness.

This is a territory where it is possible to watch a change of seasons and colors, as well as to see a contrast between a day and a night.

Unique nature
The land looks inclement, however, it is full of life.
he archipelago's wildlife is almost pristine and has little impact on a human. Conservation areas take up around 60% of the archipelago's area.
Despite the fact that the archipelago's glaciers melt in summer, they take a half of the territory.
Historical sites

There is a sports and leisure center with a great movie collection in the town of Pyramiden.

There is one of the oldest and biggest town buildings in Barentsburg. This is a canteen and a family house of Mikhail Plisetsky, the first mine head on Svalbard and the father of a world-famous ballerina, Maya Plisetskaya.

Next to the mine, there have been remained Dutch structures, which were built in early XX century.


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